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For the last 5 years I've been involved in writing and composing all kinds of texts: UX microcopy, SEO long reads, brand taglines, video scripts – the list goes on.

I created this page to save some of the works that I've completed or published during the recent years, including homeworks and test tasks I received applying for jobs or taking professional courses.

Feel free to browse to get an understanding of how I write. Hope that we will have an opportunity to discuss other sides of the writing job in person soon.


Things I wrote

Top 12 Dedicated Esports Arenas • SENET | ENESTECH

Dedicated esports arenas are stand-alone facilities designed specifically for competitive gaming purposes. They could be used to host tournaments and stream online battles, can become training grounds for aspiring esports athletes, while also providing a place where gaming enthusiasts can find the best gear to play their favorite games.

The ecosystem of cybersport grows exponentially each year, it’s not enough to rent a football stadium for an esports event anymore. You would think that in this

How to Host an Esports Tournament [2021] - Guide • SENET | ENESTECH

Online tournaments have become a hot commodity during the COVID outbreak, but progressive esports entertainers never put aside an option to engage with their audiences through live events. Be it a month or a year, lockdowns and limitations will eventually come to their end, and organizers must be ready to take their local communities by storm with a fan experience gaming enthusiasts had missed so much.

In the post-pandemic era, live esports tournaments will remain a great way to attract new cus

PC Bang: A Guide to Korean Internet Cafes • SENET | ENESTECH

Showcasing revenues of 14.3 trillion KRW in 2018, gaming in South Korea has been maintaining a strong presence for more than 20 years. A unique gaming culture was initially formed through so-called PC bangs, meaning ‘PC rooms’ in Korean. Cheap, full of high-end equipment, PC bangs were designed to provide a stable Internet connection and an array of multiplayer games to play. From the 1990s till 2020, the number of PC bangs in Korea ranged from 12,000 to almost 20,000 venues. Some even make an a

Trends in the Visual Effects Industry

VFX industry growth is extremely rapid. To the extent that in 2021 there’s virtually nothing that can’t be filmed – fantasy worlds, life of animals, space travels, even black holes – all of it has already been computer generated on screen. With every single year we have yet another accomplishment in the development of VFX technology, which we celebrate globally with awards and ecstatic YouTube reviews.

But think about it – how much cringe we get when we watch those same videos a few years later

Visual Effects for Tyga - Mrs. Bubblegum

What we know about Tyga for sure, is that this man is a big advocate for female curves (to say the least!). This summer we hear quite a bit of new music from Tyga, and ‘Mrs Bubblegum’ is another banger of August 2021.

The song would be nostalgic for those who hold ‘00 hip-hop close to the heart: it is sampled on D4L’s ‘Laffy Taffy’ – you can even hear Fabo contributing to ‘Mrs Bubblegum’ lyrics with his hooks and “nasty girls”. Both rappers Tyga and Fabo appear in the music video to the song, b

Things I edited

How to set up Controller for gaming consoles | SENET

Request more info about controllers: https://senet.cloud/trial
Discover more about SENET: https://www.facebook.com/senetsoftware

With SENET Controllers you can automate gaming consoles, make them switch on and off whenever you need.

Venue visitors can extend their gaming sessions without distraction from games, and reserve favorite seats while on the way to your venue.

SENET Controllers are compatible with all kinds of consoles on the market, including old versions and VR setups.

5 Pivoting Mistakes SaaS Should Avoid

– Elchin Aliyev, Chief Executive Officer of ENESTECH Software, about the importance of pivot planning for SaaS and possible mistakes to avoid during the process.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” This is what Charles Darwin said almost 200 years ago. And now, COVID-19 proves these words once again: the pandemic was easier on those able to adapt quickly or who’d foreseen an emergency supply in case of a crisi

Elchin Aliyev of ENESTECH Software: 5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Manage a Team

T he first one is to have proper communication. This is the key to management success. Without proper communication, I would not have assembled such a team. Even if people are not satisfied with something, we sit down to talk and find common ground.

Elchin Aliyev is the CEO at ENESTECH Software, which is a part of TECHIIA Holding . ENESTECH Software is the company behind the leading software for esports venues and gaming centers — SENET. With Elchin at the driving seat of the company, SENET has

Microcopy & UX writing

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If you want to get technical

Texts to show off a product through its features

PlayStation cafe management software | SENET Controller

Still tracking console gaming time manually? We can do all the work for you! 😎🙌
Contact us: https://senet.cloud/trial
Discover more about SENET: https://www.facebook.com/senetsoftware

SENET Controller starts and terminates sessions automatically, while your staff concentrates on providing better customer experience at your gaming lounge.

This small but powerful box controls HDMI signals between a screen and a gaming console connected to it. 🎮 ↔️ 🖥️

Available through SENET admin panel — both from PCs and mobile — PlayStation/Xbox management is always on tip of your finger.

Just plug in 2 HDMI cables 🔌 from a screen and a console to our Controller, and you’re good to go. 😉 🚀

SENET easily keeps track of console users and generates reports on foot traffic, favorite games, booking stats, and much more!

Lens distortion grid

CGI and visual effects are expensive. Especially when done right. The amount of VFX artists and the amount of hours they put into work sometimes reaches thousands when it comes to big budget films. The process of VFX creation takes a long time by default, but if you add low-quality footage on top of that, visual effects just become an excruciating pain for artists. That is why it is important to consider computer generated items long before they are actually added to frames. And lens distortion

SENET BOOT Diskless System: The Full Guide

How much time do you spend on game updates and how much money does your venue lose on it?

At gaming venues, every minute spent on software updates is a waste of a valuable money-making resource – time. Games are getting heavier, their updates are not shrinking either, while esports venues are increasing the number of computers to offer to the public. It is not an easy task to keep licenses on all machines up to date, especially when new releases are as gigantic as 150 GB.

Modern cybercafes use

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